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Durant Family Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Durant Family Foundation (DFF) is to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs. Since 2013, DFF has developed direct programs and initiatives to support youth across the US, in Kevin Durant’s hometown, and internationally. Additionally, the foundation has allocated grants to support programs addressing homelessness, youth athletics, girls empowerment, social justice, and disaster relief.


Durant Center Programs

Foundation Programs at Durant Center

In January 2019, DFF celebrated the launch of College Track at The Durant Center. Anchored by our College Track Program with 230+ students, The Durant Center will serve as a community hub for Prince George’s County.

We are continuously exploring new programs and partnerships that will educate and empower Prince George’s County community members and young people. We plan to turn the Durant Center into a thriving ecosystem of community-centric public services. We are also excited to announce the opening of DFF’s headquarters.

• Hosting Entrepreneurial Leadership programs

• STEM programs and digital skills training for our College Track cohort, Team Durant athletes, and the general Suitland/Prince George’s County community

• Career readiness, workforce development, and financial literacy programs for teens/young adults/adults in Prince George’s county


College Track

College Track at Durant Center

In January 2019, College Track at The Durant Center was officially opened its doors.
As of this year, we have celebrated the high school graduation of 88 Durant Center scholars: 51 graduates in 2022 and another 37 graduates in 2023.

As part of College Track’s 10-year promise we will continue to support those students through college graduation! In our graduating class of 2023, ten students received full-ride scholarships to universities including Tulane, American, Georgetown, Tuskegee, Syracuse, and Morgan State. Those seniors will also be tapping into $140K in merit-based scholarships provided by College Track.


Team Durant

Team Durant Basketball Program

Created to encourage and promote high level youth development by providing educational, athletic, and personal growth. Team Durant features 18 Boys and Girls teams. In the past three years, Team Durant athletes have received over $35M in college athletic scholarship offers. Team Durant organizes and leads several community service projects annually, and celebrates a community of alums who are playing high level college basketball.


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Build It And They Will Ball

The goal of BUILD IT AND THEY WILL BALL is to increase the number of high quality basketball courts accessible to underprivileged youth across the world. Kevin Durant’s global travels have inspired him to connect with the next generation of players who will be leading the game. Launched in 2015, this initiative has completed 30 court renovations in 18 cities in North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2024, we will be completing our first project in Africa.



Community Outreach

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